Who Uses Our

Who Uses Our Glass Fencing?

  1. Commercial Developers – They insist on using our glass pool fencing and glass balustrades for increasing the value of their projects. They also love the fact that our glass and accessories comply with Australian Standards..
  2. Large Hardware Franchises & Stores – Like any business, these clients buy our glass pool fencing, glass balustrade and accessories because they get to buy it at wholesale prices. So, they get to save their time and money and buy a quality product, which they and their customers love as well. They love the added value service of our experience and that we can deliver their product order/s anywhere in Australia for them, to one or multiple locations.
  3. Building Companies – Developers of apartment blocks, knockdown rebuilds and the like love and use our products for many reasons. Some of them love the price savings buying wholesale. Others love the quality. Another segment love the personal service and extra support and experience they receive.
  4. Landscapers– They love saving on the frontend purchase price because they can buy their pool fencing direct at wholesale prices, which gives them a more sustainable business and keeps their customers coming back.
  5. Pool Builders and suppliers– There was a time when businesses and companies had to go to building and hardware supply chains and depots to buy their glass pool fencing and accessories, but not anymore. The number of pool builders coming to us because they can buy their glass fencing and accessories at wholesale prices direct using quality products that they know and trust and that pass building inspection is on the rise!

As you can see, Glass Pool Fencing Direct is perfect for commercial developers, building supply stores, building developers, commercial developers, large hardware franchises and stores, landscapers and many others.

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