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Hi! I’m Michael Cave, the owner of Glass Pool Fencing Direct.

Michael Cave, Owner
Glass Pool Fencing Direct

Here’s the short version of my story?

Well, at the age of 17 and a half I joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an airframe fitter trainee. Then I became an aircraft technician and before leaving the Air Force and went off into the big bright world.

I started working in the private sector as a materials inspector before moving into management and that’s where I learnt a lot of my business acumen.

Throughout my working career I have travelled and lived around the world.

For the past 11 years I’ve been living on the land and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am dedicated to providing the highest quality product and the best prices possible.

Glass Pool Fencing Direct is in business is because of several reasons.

  • First, whenever we products to our customers we get a great satisfaction hearing about their success from using the products we supply.
  • Second, I wanted to start something of my own that was of excellent quality at wholesale prices to help the smaller companies out there build stronger projects and a better Australia.
  • Third, having a farming background and enjoying that lifestyle, I’m focused on people. I love the small-town Australian way of life and I’m your typical Australian Countryman.And part of that is that I believe in personal service no matter how busy the world may seem these days. So I want to offer you and all our customers personal reliable service, as opposed to the service you get from an employee in a big company that doesn’t care about you, your business or getting to know you.
  • Fourth, I have a goal to build a family business where my son and daughters, and maybe even my grandchildren, will take over one day.
  • Fifth, because of the type of work I’ve done before, I know how important it is for you to have good, safe, quality materials.

So there you have it! A fraction of the Michael Cave story which if you contact me further you can find out about in more detail.

Now, finding out more couldn’t be easier, so if it has something to do with glass fencing, please give us a call on 0447 296 942 or register for our complimentary price guide.

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